Book Review by Christina    Every woman who is currently dating should read this book!  

True to its title, The Bitterwoman’s Guide to Dating is the weed-eater for the dating world!   I first heard of this guide thanks to my best friend who read parts of the book to me over the telephone.  I was so amazed at the hysterical descriptions of men we’ve ALL dated, I had funny tears coming out of my eyes!  I had to purchase it for myself!   This is THE book which tells it like it is.  A no-nonsense, more humorous than cynical, tell-all book on the different types of men available out there, Ladies!   This book describes all the personality types and traits to look out for, or be in to!   Worth reading and sharing! I think it’s a great self-guide or gift for any woman coming of age who can use some experience, without having to experience!!  Or like me, coming back into the dating world!  Excellent warning guide or reassurance which will really make you think if the person you are dating is worth the second or third date… why waste time??  Doubting if you should go out on that next date?   Rate your guy with this guide!   You may just be sending Mr. Christopher a “Thank You” note!!!    
I find this book to be highly entertaining, enlightening and hilarious!       Christina  May 2011
The Bitter Man's Guide to Dating

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